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Boutique patties: A Jerusalem hamburger primer -

In globalization's early days, a person in search of a Jerusalem hamburger had to go to an upscale restaurant or a mass-production franchise, where taste and texture did not always add up. Now it seems there is a boutique burger joint on every Jerusalem corner - not just downtown but...

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The top five hotel pools and spas in Jerusalem -

Jerusalem may sit on the edge of the desert, but that doesn't mean you have to stay dry. Many Jerusalem hotels now offer expansive and enticing pool, spa and health club facilities, meaning that the city is rife with opportunity for all manner of aquatic good times....

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The Israel Museum inspires curiosity with second annual Contact Point event

Museum spaces at night can take on unusual, even ethereal, qualities, and the vast campus of the Israel Museum is primed to exploit this aura for the good of the general public, with the Contact Po...

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50 things to do in Jerusalem this summer -

Thanks to's list of 50 indispensable ways to spend the summer of 2011 in Jerusalem, you'll hopefully never run out of inspiration for enjoying high season in the Holy City....

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A pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Lebowski Fest's cult traditions

Movie buffs around the world love the anti-hero of Joel and Ethan Coen's 1998 cult hit The Big Lebowski . The misadventures of the middle-aged early-1990s Los Angeles-based deadbeat, portrayed brilli...

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40 architectural landmarks to check out in Jerusalem

Jerusalem takes its architecture seriously. Just ask the two architects legend has it were buried just inside Jaffa Gate, killed by an Ottoman sultan for leaving Mount Zion out of the city's walls...

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A hotel of air and light in the heaviest of places

Over the course of 3000 years, one begins to accumulate a decent amount of baggage. If any place knows that, it's Jerusalem. One look around and it becomes clear that nowhere is so much history, ideol...

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The top five Jerusalem-area wineries at the Wine Tasting Festival

Held every summer in the Sculpture Garden of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Israel Wine-Tasting Festival is the largest, most varied and most popular wine festival in Israel. The 2011 incarna...

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Jerusalem concept restaurants offer chef-guided food journeys

In a sense, the rise of Jerusalem's "chef restaurant" scene, whatever that may be, can be understood as a reaction to the faceless mechanization of the global food industry. At franchise restaurants...

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A shopping tour of Jerusalem

While Jerusalem isn't known as a top-draw destination for shopping, the city does boast an active crafts community, as well as numerous places for purchasing knickknacks, boutique fashion items, Judai...

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Jerusalem's top kosher restaurants prepare for Passover

It's that time of year again, when leaven is not to be seen , matza is everywhere and tourists flock the Holy City. Passover may be upon us, but the days when the holiday's strict dietary restricti...

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Experimental Swedish production of 'Different Trains' to enrapture at Jerusalem's Tower of David

Later this month, Grammy Award-winning music, striking visual art, history and archaeology all fuse together for the Jewish Theater of Stockholm's presentation of Different Trains , written by the e...

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The Holy City's status as an arts hub gets amplified by the Jerusalem Season of Culture

While many festivals on Jerusalem's annual calendar serve to spotlight the city's cultural vibrancy, only the Jerusalem Season of Culture, premiering in the summer of 2011, seeks to unify the most com...