Ben Jacobson

Ben Jacobson

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Specializes in content, email, social media, branding and influencer marketing.

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Trust me article

How to Build Trust Online: 7 Little Ways to Create a Trustworthy Website

When it comes to establishing trust, it doesn’t matter how compelling your calls-to-action are, how engaging your content is, or how quickly your pages load on mobile screens. If visitors to your site have any doubts about how trustworthy you are, they’ll bounce right out and never come back.

The growth show artwork article

10 of the Best Podcasts About Business and Management

Who has the time to keep up with all our favorite blogs and social feeds nowadays? Since the majority of podcasts are light in tone and conversational in structure, they make it easy to explore business challenges and trends from multiple perspectives. Listening in on these discussions can feel like having coffee with a group of expert colleagues, deliberating the latest trends in a freeform conversation.

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5 Bad Inbound Marketing Habits (and How to Break Them)

It makes sense that inbound marketers might slip into some less-than-optimal patterns over time. It’s understandable - go on, forgive yourself, and use the following tricks to break free of these bad habits.