Ben Jacobson

Ben Jacobson

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Specializes in content, email, social media, branding and influencer marketing.

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How to Create Twitter RSS Feeds for Better Prospecting

You can use your favorite RSS reader to monitor customized Twitter searches, Twitter lists, and hashtags that relate to your business. Discover how to set up RSS feeds to easily monitor and manage a steady flow of Twitter leads.

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How to Target Your Customers With Social Ads

LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all let you deliver ads to your actual customers. In this article, you’ll discover how you can use four popular social networks to reach custom audiences with your content.

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How to Nurture Leads Using Medium Letters

Medium’s Letters feature lets you communicate directly with prospects so you can build meaningful relationships with them.

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How to Create Buyer Personas With Google Analytics

Do you want to learn more about your social media followers? Have you created social media buyer personas? You have to know your audience before you can serve them on social media. In this article I’ll show you how to create buyer personas for your social media audience using Google Analytics.

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How ‘Pages to Watch’ from Facebook Can be a Source of Competitive Insight

Are you keeping up with the competition on Facebook? Are you interested in knowing what is and isn’t working for your competitors? Learn how Facebook Insights’ ‘Pages to Watch’ can help you deliver content that engages your audience