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Ben Jacobson

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Specializes in content, email, social media, branding and influencer marketing.

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Is Google Plus as dead as its detractors say it is?

Would the real Google Plus please stand up? Is it the “ghost town” described by the New York Times, is it the “walking dead” described by Techcrunch, or is it the number two social network in the world, as some measurements would have us believe?

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Why fashion marketers should be paying attention to Tumblr

It’s the highly visual and share-friendly nature of the platform that makes Tumblr such a perfect venue for fashion brands to showcase their creations.

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Is Buzzfeed's massive traffic as Facebook-dependent as they say it is?

The business of churning out content made for sharing on social media is a lesson in double-dipping, but its sustainability is suspect.

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Pinterest's true power for driving e-commerce sales

Pinterest is commonly considered to be the social network that brings in the most online sales. One recent study found that Pinterest is 126% more successful at driving e-commerce sales than Facebook. Not bad for a platform with a “share of voice” that’s under 1%.

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Can banner ads enable Hulu to finally challenge Netflix?

Over the past year, according to SimilarWeb PRO, Netflix has acquired 24.6 million desktop visits via banner clicks, compared to Hulu’s six million, but these numbers may be misleading. Hulu is far more dependent on banner ads for user acquisition than Netflix. As the underdog, Hulu’s got some banner referral share catching up to do, but their stats for the last three months indicate they might finally be making some headway.

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How social signals build Wikipedia’s authority

Social media sites are only bringing in slightly over 4% of Wikipedia’s desktop traffic, but considering the sheer volume of Wiki traffic, that’s not an insignificant amount – about 892 million sessions over the past year.