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Ben Jacobson

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Specializes in content, email, social media, branding and influencer marketing.

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3 Unbreakable Rules for Optimized Home Office Design

The need to set up excellent spaces for working at home has skyrocketed in recent years. Today’s small businesses are increasingly willing to allow team members to work from home, and freelancers know well that nothing beats a killer home office for a lifestyle that’s both productive and creative.

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Less-Known Sources of Free Photos for Your Website

Skip those unrealistic and generic stock photos of glass-lined board rooms populated with airbrushed smiles. When curating photos for your site, your goal is to be as non-generic as possible.

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How to Start a Small Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

There are some key advantages to looking at your own business as a “side project.” It makes sense in terms of minimizing risk, in terms of scaling up on operations only as justified by revenues, and in terms of clarifying where your creative passions end and your career begins.

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How to Sell Your Self-Made Jewelry Online

Maybe you’ve been making your own jewelry for some time, and after years of people telling you that you should sell your creations on the internet for fun and profit, you’re ready to take the plunge.

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Secrets of Successful eCommerce Websites

Online retailing is tricky business. Now that it’s easier than ever to bring an eCommerce site to life, it seems that everyone is getting in the game, which means that competition is tough.

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7 SEO Blunders You've Got to Avoid

If your site isn’t receiving a steady flow of clickthroughs from Google search results, then you’re simply facing an uphill battle to find fresh leads that are relevant to your business.

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Boost Sales By Listing your Small Business in Local Directories

One of the most powerful ways you can reach a wider audience is to get involved with local directory site listings. When your business appears there, you increase the chances and the number of ways that potential customers can discover you.

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Take Control of What People See When They Google You

As a small business owner, you need to think about your online reputation as the first thing that’s killing or winning you sales. To a great extent, it is up to you to manage, control and optimize the things people see when they look for you online.

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10 Creative Online Business Opportunities

Whether you’re freelancing for an ever-changing group of clients or selling products to consumers, it can be tough to know whether you’re going to make ends meet month to month. Business comes in waves, so anything you can do to make your earnings more dependable will help you sleep better at night.

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How to Effectively Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

With so much dishonesty and mistrust happening in the online business market, buyers are desperately looking for service providers they can trust. Establishing yourself as an authority on your field – the go-to person in all professional matters – helps people decide they want to do business with you.

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Game-Changing Apps for Capturing Leads on Your Website

Your website is an important sales tool, but it can’t do all of the hard work alone! Just because someone visits your website doesn’t mean he or she has instantly become your loyal customer. It’s time to get serious about capturing leads, so you can build trusting relationships with prospects and close deals with them over time.

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Offline Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tips for Your Online Business

Wiser small business owners know to leverage social media opportunities for the spreading of positive brand sentiment. But let’s not forget that good old fashioned offline word-of-mouth is arguably even more powerful. Studies show that in certain industries – beauty, beverages, finance and fashion, for example – conversations about brands are more likely to happen offline than online.

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Why You Should Have a Branded Email for Your Business

You’re marketing your products and services using a highly branded website – with a branded domain name, no less – as a hub for your brand messaging. Your email address ought to be a key piece in this branding puzzle, completing the picture.

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Wix launches new business management apps

The App Market is one of the most successful features in the Wix Editor. Packed with dozens of powerful apps that cover almost any functionality, Wix’ App Market is the go-to place for anyone interest...