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The Jerusalem Post

Regarding Henry

One of American counter-culture's most prominent and prolific voices, the writer, musician and occasional actor Henry Rollins is also a Grammy winner who's ...

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The Jerusalem Post

Leonard Cohen's blessed summer finale

Who was all this pop circus fuss about? Leonard Cohen: an elderly folk singer who honed his chops in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village and Montreal; an ex-monk of a Californian Zen order; the "grocer of despair" of Seventies singer-songwriters; the man who by the mid-Eighties was considered by Columbia Records' then-honcho Walter Yetnikoff to be too much of a has-been to warrant the distribution of his new recordings in the United States.

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The Jerusalem Post

Q&A with Boaz Tsairi of Sakura Sushi Bar

"One if the central guiding concepts when it comes to Japanese food is, if you think something may not be up to standard, then it’s no good. Sushi has a lot of paranoia associated with it – if you’re not paranoid when it comes to sushi, then there’s a problem."

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The Jerusalem Post

Reality show rabbi

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach hates pornography, yet he publishes his writings in Playboy. He derides reality TV, yet he hosts one of the genre’s biggest hits. Rabbi Shmuley, as he is called, has been a mainstay in the public eye for about 20 of his 39 years, so it’s no wonder that sports a huge logo at the top with the words America’s Rabbi. Despite much criticism to the contrary, Boteach claims that he does not seek fame. “Celebrity is a very noxious disease,” he says.

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The Jerusalem Post

Erykah Badu Concert Review - February 2, 2008

For almost two hours, Badu swayed in front of a center-stage mic stand with a small table to either side of her, one holding a laptop computer and a kettle, the other with a drum machine/sampler trigger board.

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The Jerusalem Post

Tightly stitched stories

The past two years have been a whirlwind for Eliezer "Laizy" Shapira. As the air date for the finale of the first season of Srugim approaches, the Yes hit's cocreator, cowriter and director is busying himself with business matters, negotiating the terms of an international export version of Season 1 and talking with Channel 2 executives about syndicating reruns in the coming months.

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The Jerusalem Post

Five days of Zorn - Jerusalem Post

Considering John Zorn's accomplishments, the festival's namesake has every right to be picky.

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The Jerusalem Post

Jethro Tull Concert Review - August 23, 2007

Making an appearance early on in the set list was "Thick as a Brick," which thankfully received the ten-minute progressive jam treatment, rather than the three-minute radio edit one. The band was tight and skilled, giving the impression that they were holding back on the improvisations that they are capable of as a unit.

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The Jerusalem Post

Bar-Ilan's Anglos - Jerusalem Post

The English-speaking student body at Bar-Ilan University is an entity unto itself. The Anglo community's effect on absorption is 'a complicated and delicate issue'.